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Loom’s Year in Review 2023: How we empowered effective communication at work

Let’s take a look back on a year filled with more focus time than ever before (and take a sneak peek at what’s coming in the new year).

Where Loom focused on innovation in 2023:

  • We went all in on AI, launching a robust suite of features built to help people record better, faster Looms

  • We invested in a redesign and overhaul of both our Chrome and desktop recorders for faster and more delightful recording experiences

  • We took customer feedback seriously and doubled down on improving our recorder performance and reliability

Where we’re going in 2024:

  • Expanding Loom AI suite with cutting edge features built to help you share your videos faster:  Auto Composer and Auto CTA.

  • Helping people who work in sales reach their quota faster with a revamped Salesforce integration, the ability to track previously anonymous video viewers, and more.

  • A more intuitive way to precisely edit your videos: edit using your transcript.

More focus time in 2023: Loom customers avoided +28% meetings vs. last year

2023 At A Glance

Loom is on a mission to empower effective communication at work – and it is clear that more and more people are leveraging async video as a way to carve out more focus time in their day. In 2023, Loom customers recorded 77M videos – which is a 24% increase from 2022. Those videos helped people reduce the need for 150M meetings – a 28% increase from 2022. The number of total views on Loom videos increased by 37% from last year, indicating that the information being shared via async video is important and valuable.

How did we enable those 77M video messages? Throughout 2023, we deeply invested in our core product offering to make Loom even faster, simpler and easier to use:

  • We rebuilt and redesigned both our Chrome extension and desktop recorder to make recording faster and easier than ever before:

    • Chrome: The interface is simpler and more streamlined, with the most requested features at your fingertips. It’s also faster. 

    • Desktop: fully revamped Loom desktop apps for both MacOS and Windows.

  • We dedicated our largest team of engineers to improve performance and solving customer-facing issues:

    • We now auto-recover (with no support ticket required) more than 80% of videos that experience initial processing errors.

    • Loom’s video player page loads 30% faster for all viewers.

    • Customer bug fix rate improved by more than 100% — with more bugs fixed than reported by customers in the last two months.

Better, Faster Video Messages in 2023 with Loom AI: 15M videos have applied Loom AI to instantly enhance communication

Better, Faster Video Messages with Loom AI

We knew a long time ago that there was a palpable opportunity between AI and async video messaging (it was in our seed deck form 2016!). When GPT-3 went to general availability, our product, research, and design teams worked furiously to deliver our first set of powerful AI features this past summer. 

Our first set of features added to the suite both accelerate recording and make digesting video content easier for the viewer:

  • Auto Titles: AI generates a custom title for your Loom based on the content of your transcript.

  • Auto Summaries: AI generates a summary of the Loom in the description. You can also copy/paste this into an email or instant message for added context when sharing.

  • Auto Chapters: AI automatically identifies the important topics covered in your Loom, and then names and timestamps chapters accordingly.

  • Auto Tasks: AI identifies the action items and tasks you discuss in your Loom, suggesting action items for your viewers to respond to when they’re done viewing.

  • Filler Word & Silence Removal: AI improves Loom’s ability to identify and remove filler words (um, uh, ah). It also trims out long pauses for a more concise, polished viewing experience.

Since the launch of our AI add-on at the end of Q3, there have been 15M videos created using Loom AI. Those videos have garnered 35M views. We know we are just beginning to scratch the surface and our teams are so excited to deliver more valuable features in 2024.

Stronger Virtual Connections via Asynchronous Work: 20M comments and reactions on Loom videos 

Stronger Virtual Connections with Loom

At Loom, we have always prioritized building useful features for engagement and collaboration, so workers can not only enhance productivity with Loom – but they can actually grow closer to their teammates even across a screen. In 2023, our community enjoyed creating connections over video messaging using comments (2M), emojis (16M) and embedded links (482K CTA links clicked).

We also delivered an array of features that helped foster collaboration across globally distributed teams: 

  • Spaces: organize videos by project, team or topic for better collaboration. Add folders to your space for more content organization. 

  • Google Workspace integration: an integration with Docs & Chat (and soon Sheets, Slides) brings the power of Loom to hundreds of millions of Google customers.

  • Transcripts in 50+ languages: free instant transcriptions and closed captions, so your teams can be productive no matter what language they’re working in.

To see everything we shipped in 2023, take a look at our release notes.

New, powerful features are coming in the new year – so you can start 2024 off right with Loom.

  • Cutting edge additions to the Loom AI suite for even faster video sharing:

    • Auto Composer

    • Auto CTA

  • A better way to edit: Edit by transcript

  • For customer-facing teams, we are launching features that will help you sell faster, and smarter too: 

    • Brand new Salesforce integration

    • Request email to view: know who is watching your videos

    • Variables (Beta): an easy way to personalize your videos at scale


Dec 11, 2023

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