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Has your business embraced the new way of working? Remote work software isn’t just a tool but a revolution.

Bring your team onto the cutting edge of doing business with telecommuting. Telecommuting tools empower you and your team to work from anywhere without missing out on the communication and camaraderie found in an office setting.

Connect with team members all over the world, collaborate closely on every project, and track every task all in a single platform.

With quality remote working tools, Loom works wherever you do.

Embrace the Future of Working

Stay ahead of the competition by embracing the future of remote working. Businesses across the world have started making the shift to telecommuting. Here’s why businesses are making the switch:

  • Productivity – Businesses realize that switching to remote working is better for productivity.

  • Flexibility – Give managers and employees the flexibility to work while taking care of their health and wellness.

  • Cost – Remote working is cheaper for you because you won’t need to rent office space and cheaper for your employees who won’t have to commute daily.

  • Morale – Employees love having the opportunity to work from home. They’re more comfortable at home, they can care for their families, and they can get their work done all at the same time.

  • Technology – Modern remote work software has reached a point where working from home without compromising on productivity and efficiency is not only possible but preferable.

Loom is the ultimate tool for working remotely. Take advantage of the power of video, smart integrations, and an innovative platform that allows organizations to handle all operations from one place.

Benefits of Using Remote Work Software

Why use specialized tools for working remotely? Using task management software, video calling software, and project management platforms is confusing and expensive. Put everything in one place with dedicated tools for remote teams to streamline your business.

1. Communication 

Make sure you and your colleagues are always on the same page with the power of remote collaboration tools. Loom’s dedicated remote working software streamlines communication so you can streamline your processes. Video communication in crystal-clear HD keeps employees engaged, ensures a permanent link between team members and management, and improves morale. With Loom, remote work combines communication and collaboration.

2. Collaboration

Any organization is only as strong as it is unified. Overcome challenges and achieve great things through close collaboration. With business owners worried about losing out on collaboration when working with remote teams, Loom proves that there’s a solution that delivers teamwork every time. Assign tasks to specific workers, monitor progress, and combine with ease for a team that continually pushes in the same direction.

3. Management

Managing large projects is always a challenge, but you can make it easier with Loom. Stay on top of your work with real-time status updates and check on the progress of entire projects or individual tasks. Need to set up a meeting or share a file? Do it with the click of a button. When it comes to management and telecommuting tools, Loom empowers managers to succeed like never before.

4. Boost Productivity

Study after study shows that employees who work from home are twice as productive as those who come into the office. Drive your team to new heights by taking advantage of the remote working revolution. With every employee tracked across all projects, managers have more power than ever to direct teams to where they are needed. Plus, employees love it too. Get rid of the daily commute. Give them flexibility. Let them work hard, their way.

5. Better Talent, More Diversity for Business

When business owners discover the power of dedicated remote work software, they become more than a local business. They become an international business. Dedicated remote working software from Loom enhances the talent pools of businesses. Bring in talent from all over the world. Coordinate time zones and take advantage of a global talent treasury that can turn an ordinary organization into an extraordinary one.

6. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As the climate emergency grows, consumers are increasingly making their purchasing choices based on businesses’ green credentials, regardless of the industry. Green policies are an active unique selling point, and shifting to remote working is a proven business benefit. How does remote working change your carbon footprint?

  • Eliminate unnecessary commutes

  • Fewer business trips

  • Limited energy consumption

Moreover, organizations that reduce their carbon footprint in this way are also equipping themselves with disaster preparedness policies. By removing a centralized base of operations, businesses are simultaneously improving their prospects and restricting their vulnerability. All it takes is a willingness to change and the boldness to invest in a remote working solution that works.

7. Slash Business Costs

Permanent office space is expensive. Why pay tens of thousands of dollars per year to get lesser results? With a subscription to Loom’s collaboration tools for remote teams, business owners can maximize their profits and slash their overheads. This is the single best investment business leaders can make to drive growth while keeping their employees happy.

8. Follow the Metrics

Remote work software is about so much more than simple online communication. Produce video content with Loom and track key metrics across an entire organization. It’s never been easier to see where an organization is performing or underperforming. Management can make better decisions and ensure that their choices have more influence.

Loom Integrations

Cookie-cutter solutions are unacceptable in a hyper-competitive business landscape. Loom specializes in providing an out-of-the-box remote working solution, with the opportunity to integrate with other common work tools. Become a remote business with a selection of state-of-the-art integrations and do remote work like nobody else.

1. Slack

Watch and share Loom recordings directly from Slack. As one of the most popular remote work tools in the world today, Slack has found a home within tens of thousands of businesses. Loom is completely compatible with Slack. Just connect Loom’s remote working software with Slack from the main menu at the click of a button.

2. Google

Connect your Google account with Loom to start embedding recordings directly into your emails. Whether sending a tutorial to a team member or pitching to a prestigious lead, visit the main menu and connect your account. Manage your Gmail and other Google services in conjunction with Zoom and take your productivity to the next level. The Chrome extension gives you direct access to Loom straight from your browser.

3. Salesforce

Metrics define the direction of your business. Gain new insights into how your videos are performing directly from Salesforce. Enterprise users can use the dedicated Loom Salesforce integration to understand performance better. With every video sent, uncovering the details of how it’s received will empower you to make changes and improve your performance every time.

4. Zendesk

Take advantage of the leader in customer service support software with Zendesk. Loom is fully compatible with this award-winning customer support solution. With Loom, you can now support your customer base with unique videos. Record videos and embed them directly into a Zendesk Guide. Businesses can enhance their knowledge base via automatically embedded videos. With detailed reporting features, managers have the chance to track reactions and engagement. Drive a higher standard of support today by combining Zendesk and Loom and join the next generation of remote support.

5. Jira Service Desk

Every good business needs a help desk. Atlassian’s Jira Service Desk empowers customers to ask for help, report bugs, request changes, and access a full-service knowledge base. With Loom, you can record videos directly in Jira Service Desk using the Chrome extension. Make your Jira service even more powerful by incorporating Loom video recording now.

Why Sales Teams Use Loom for Remote Working

Anybody in sales knows how challenging it can be to get ahead. Sales teams around the world are using Loom to capture the attention of their prospects, improve their outreach, and make more sales. So, why is Loom one of the world’s best tools for remote teams who want to ascend to that next level?

Harness the Power of Video

Working with remote teams can be difficult in the beginning. Staying on top of everything, training new staff, and standing out from the crowd is tough. Video content is statistically the most engaging type of content in the world. Rise above the competition with customized videos and innovative editing options. Make your content truly unique and grab the attention of the viewer with one-click Loom recordings.

So, what can you do with a Loom video?

  • Produce product demos

  • Offer tutorials

  • Create customized pitches

  • And so much more

Create an Immediate Personal Connection

Naysayers will often claim that remote working severs the personal, human connections between employees and prospects. Not so. These tools for working remotely are designed to provide videos tailored to the receiver. Learn more about prospects and incorporate that knowledge into customized pitches. Sales teams that convert the power of Loom are already one step ahead of the competition in the world of remote working.

Improve Outreach

Add more value to every pitch. Customized messages, superior branding, and the ability to share anywhere mean that Loom remote working software enables sales teams to boost their outreach. Forget sending out thousands of emails with hopes that someone will reply. Working with remote teams, Loom video is a central pillar of any successful outreach strategy.

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Speed is of the essence in sales. Never let the lack of a physical office be a hindrance from getting a deal done. Loom specializes in supercharging the average sales cycle with pre and post-meeting recaps, easy handling of objections, and finalizing those little details. Avoid getting bogged down in negotiations. Loom streamlines the sales process to ensure organizations make those sales and move onto the next prospect.

Optimize Performance

Remote work tools aren’t only about making traditional office culture virtual. Collaboration tools for remote teams are all about empowering decision-makers to make better choices. With every video sent, businesses gain access to in-depth metrics that can help them assess the performance of their video messages. From viewer counts to how long the recipient spent watching the video, decision-makers can harvest this data to achieve superior results.

Streamline the Onboarding Process

Concerned about bringing in new talent when working from home? Experienced sales agents may find it simple to switch from a traditional office to a home office, but the same cannot be said for new faces. With Loom, you can create video tutorials for every business process. Each video can be tailored to the specific role and reused for every new hire. Due to the ease of communication, any new talent can easily ask questions and receive a response in a matter of minutes.

Fits into Your Existing Business Structure like a Glove

Telecommuting tools must play nice with each other to avoid becoming a burden. Loom is designed to support organizations as they convert their existing physical office environments into remote working structures. Loom integrates with other popular tools, including Slack, Google, and Zendesk. It takes only a matter of minutes to establish a Loom account, connect it with other tools, and start working. Busy sales teams can’t afford downtime and long onboarding periods. With a tool like Loom, you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Innovative Features for More Powerful Outcomes

Remote working is so much more than transferring a conventional office to the online world. With Loom’s innovative sales features, your team can reach new heights. Here are some of the unique features you can take advantage of when harnessing the power of remote video sales.

Better Calls-to-Action

Avoid templated sales pitches. Tailor every video with customizable calls-to-action that target the most common pain points of your product/service target. Share unique links and improve conversions from day one.

Custom Branding

Show prospects what makes your business special with custom branding. The output of this remote work software can be changed and tweaked to fit in with your brand. Add your logo to every share page and customize the colors of the video player to reflect your company better.

Boost Engagement with A/B Testing

Remote working doesn’t mean compromising on results. Track your engagement metrics and perform A/B testing on different types of content and calls-to-action to improve outcomes. Businesses have the power to reach their potential through comprehensive testing with Loom.

Secure Your Business Remotely

Customers and businesses alike are concerned about security and privacy. As cybersecurity breaches reach new heights, remote working presents vulnerabilities. Loom concentrates on maintaining a high level of protection at all times. Only you have access to secure files. Every video sent can be secured with a unique password and address to reduce the chances of experiencing a breach in security. All this and more is possible only with Loom.

Loom Offers the Best Tools for Remote Teams

Overcoming the challenges of remote work is a priority for management teams. Realizing the benefits of this new way of working means using the right tools and directing them in a way that translates into more conversions and more purchases. So, how does Loom tackle the most common problems experienced by remote teams?

Problem #1 – Making Sure Employee Productivity is Maintained

Loom’s commitment to easy management means it’s simple to maintain productivity across teams. Through a selection of team folders, task assignments, and integration with other popular remote collaboration tools, managers can stay on top of everything. Every team member knows what they have to do and when they have to do it.

Problem #2 – Communication is Fragmented

Concerned that switching to a virtual office will lead to fragmented communication between the workforce and management? Miscommunication can be a catastrophe, and when people aren’t in the office, it can feel like this is a problem more likely to rear its head. Integrate Loom with Slack for real-time chatting. Record a Loom video to keep records of important meetings. Initiate video calls to ensure everyone can see each other to provide that vital human connection. With easy communication at the heart of our remote work software, Loom overcomes the problem of fragmented communication between remote teams.

Problem #3 – Difficult to Learn New Technology

Tools for working remotely should enhance the virtual office experience, not lead to more problems. Loom has worked hard to simplify its remote working solutions. With most features operating on a one-click-and-done basis, even the less technologically inclined can get started creating incredible videos in minutes.

Problem #4 – Doesn’t Translate to Tangible Results

Some telecommuting tools fall victim to being little more than Flavor of the Month additions to the organization. Loom understands that results matter and every investment must have a positive return. This is a tool built with profitable outcomes at its core. Every feature has been incorporated with improving key metrics in mind.

Problem #5 – Loneliness Among Employees

A happy team is a successful team. The moods of sales agents directly translate into the way client interactions occur. Mental health and wellness have always been a central concern of the remote working revolution. It’s both the driver of it and one of its potential concerns. With Loom, videos are no longer standardized. Create great videos tailored to the individual. Enjoy those real human connections and maintain a high standard of morale across the whole team.

Step into the Future with Loom Remote Working Solutions 

Embrace the future and become a business that welcomes change. As the world’s most advanced video capture software, it has never been easier to transform workplace culture while achieving results. Try out Loom for free and take advantage of all the remote working benefits this platform brings today.


Jan 12, 2022

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