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4 Reasons Your Customer Support Process Needs Video

At Loom, over one-third of our customer conversations include a Loom video link. Why? Because showing is a far richer experience than telling.

Replying to a support inquiry with a video shows the user exactly what you mean in a clear, personal, and — most importantly — scalable way. In the same way, when a customer sends a video to demonstrate an issue, we resolve the issue faster, which creates a better customer experience. 

In a world where customer support is traditionally seen as a cost center — yet customers demand faster and better support every day — Support teams must revamp their workflows to harness efficiency while keeping interactions personal. 

This is where video communication comes in! 👋

And while sending your customers videos in the reactive support process is great, building video-first behavior by proactively encouraging your customers to send you videos in the support process is where the real efficiency lies. 

4 reasons to include video in your customer support workflow

Here’s how embedding video into your “Contact Support” flow will help your company (and overall customer and agent happiness). 

1. Video speeds up response time

When a customer includes a video to accompany their support ticket, we can quickly identify the root issue and provide a faster solution. 

A screencast of the issue removes the need for endless back-and-forth and avoids the antiquated support experience of combing through a string of screenshots and a wall of text documenting the bug. 

We know it’s not always easy to describe a technical issue in writing; it’s a time suck for the customer at a moment where they’re frustrated with the product. Asking them to send us a video showing us the issue means we can offer troubleshooting steps right away, leading to faster response time.

At Loom, customers who submit support requests with a video detailing the issue wait 30% less time for resolution — and the issues are more often solved on the first reply. With video documentation of the issue, a support agent can see exactly what is going wrong and can provide assistance faster.

Our ”Contact Support” form includes a field to add a video link so our customers can show us the issue they see.

2. Video reduces miscommunication

Being able to see what the customer is seeing makes a huge difference. The power of asking, “Can you record a quick Loom video to show us this behavior?” can immediately turn around a frustrating customer experience (and subsequent bad CSAT).

The nature of a screen recording allows us to quickly understand what’s going on, what platform they’re using, and how they got to this place. This same customer video also proves helpful when escalating the ticket to our Engineering team so they can see the bug in action.

3. Video enables more personalized support

The ability to read your customer is key in providing best-in-class support. 

Although we can always get useful customer information (such as past conversations or which browser or app version they’re using) from Zendesk or Intercom, a video gives us a whole new level of customer insight. When you can see what the customer sees, you’re empowered to understand the intricacies of their setup or issue — and in turn, provide a more personalized response.

Video — much more than text — provides a unique window into the customer’s current state, level of frustration, technical literacy, and personality. That level of understanding mitigates the real risk here: Misreading your customer can mean losing them due to miscommunication. 

As one of our Customer Support Representatives, Jaclyn Thompson, always says: “You gotta match and mirror.” If you’re helping a software engineer, of course, your troubleshooting steps and language will differ from if you’re helping a teacher who has recently transitioned to online learning.

4. Video increases your Customer Support team’s ability to do their jobs well

Anyone who works in Support knows it can be a grind, and as much as you care, you can burn out. Knowing the product you support is mission-critical for anyone working in customer support. That’s why we focus on empowering our support agents with the correct tools — including Loom, of course.

Baking video into your contact flow lets your team members be better at their jobs. Video communication arms them with more context into the customers’ issues to help them resolve the issues faster and forge real connections with the customers. 

Plus, sending and receiving looms is delightful and leads to a better customer and employee experience overall — video has a “wow” factor that’s palpable in the responses we receive when we send looms in our support conversations.

Zendesk chat screenshot
A response to a Loom video sent to a Customer Support Agent at Zendesk by the Loom Customer Support team.

Make "show us your issue via video” your customer support mantra

At Loom, our customers are not only video-literate but video lovers — and we truly believe this can and should be the case for Customer Support teams everywhere. 

Encouraging your customers to use video to show you what issues they encounter, instead of typing up issues with endless screenshots, will have a powerful impact on your Support operation. This is why we believe in the value of baking in a “show us your issue via video” mantra into your Customer Support workflow. 

Try adding video to your customer-facing support ticket process, and let us know how it goes! 


Aug 28, 2020

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