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The Hybrid-Remote Playbook eBook Cover, with illustration of person holding a laptop in a modern building, with windows flying around them.
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The Hybrid-Remote Playbook

Adapting Your Agile Process to Asynchronous Communication

by Karina Parikh

In a recent Gartner Survey, 82% of companies stated they plan to allow employees to work remotely at least some of the time.

As the world moves to permanently adopt hybrid-remote workplaces, our processes and techstacks also need to evolve for this new era of work. In this eBook, we'll unpack the challenges of adapting our communication and collaboration processes as well as share how you can approach an Agile framework for a hybrid-remote setting.

The Hybrid-Remote Playbook

This book will give you access to:

  1. Our new, hybrid-remote world

    Hybrid-remote isn't as easy as it seems — but an asynchronous-first model can empower teams to produce quality work faster without compromising on employee happiness.

  2. Brainstorming across distributed teams

    There's no physical whiteboard in our remote world, so we need to intentionally build spaces for ideation across time zones and locations that aren't reliant upon instant feedback.

  3. Setting up seamless sprints

    Sprint planning, execution, and review align your team strategy with your corporate strategy, and it's possible to run them effectively no matter where your team is.

  4. Approaching asynchronous stand-ups

    Gone is the world of formally scheduled time for catchups and alignment — sharing progress updates should be as agile as your team.

  5. Revisiting retrospectives

    Keep your retro ceremonies unbiased by investing in processes that allow team members across time zones to have the same experience without anchoring on previous insights.

  6. The future of workplace collaboration

    The first step to successfully adapting to a hybrid-remote world is to choose a tool that boosts productivity and trust to keep your processes human.

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The Hybrid-Remote Playbook

Discover how to adapt your agile process to asynchronous communication.

Download The Hybrid-Remote Playbook from Loom and unpack the challenges of adapting our communication and collaboration processes.

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