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New Year, New (Faster & Smarter) Ways of Working in 2024

To quote a Loom customer, "Content scales, time doesn't." At Loom, we are well aware of that philosophy – and that’s why our mission is to help people communicate more effectively and optimize productivity. This past quarter, we’ve been focusing on building features that inspire everyone to try new ways of working with async video.

I’m thrilled to announce all that we’re shipping to make 2024 your most productive year yet:

  • Share your videos faster and speed up your workflow with additions to our Loom AI suite: Auto Message Composer and Auto CTA

  • Editing your videos as easily as editing a text doc: More intuitive, more precise editing with Edit by Transcript

  • Drive more pipeline and accelerate deal velocity: New Salesforce integration beta and email capture for professionals working in sales, success, and support

  • Personalize your videos at scale with Variables: We’re launching our Variables suite with a beta in video titles,  with much more on the horizon

New AI-powered features that help you share Loom videos faster

Record and share your video 60% faster with Loom AI 🤯

We introduced our Loom AI suite last summer with powerful time-saving features like auto generated compelling titles, chapters, and summaries for each video message. To prioritize our next set of impactful AI features, we looked to customer feedback and learned how time consuming it is to craft a message to share with a Loom video. So, we asked, how can we take that burden off of the creator and make it even easier and faster to share their videos?

Today we’re launching two features that instantly add context to your video share link and help you drive work forward. Now, our Loom AI suite works even harder for you with two new features:

  • Auto Message Composer: You did the work of recording your video message — Loom AI writes the share message or email for you. Now your audience will know exactly why they should click play.

  • Auto CTA: When you're recording a voiceover on a doc or presentation, Loom AI automatically adds that browser link as a call-to-action on your finished video. Currently available on the Loom Chrome extension.  

These new features are so awesome, we’ve made them available to try for free on any Loom plan. We can’t wait to see you be wowed by the magic of our ever-expanding Loom AI suite

A smarter, more intuitive editing experience with Edit by Transcript

Edit by Transcript

Some video editing tools require a film studies degree to use. We wanted to go in the opposite direction. We thought, "What if editing a video with Loom was as easy as editing a text doc?" So, we quickly spun up an MVP to test with beta users and found that the majority of the beta participants found this new way of editing more efficient than the traditional method. Enter Edit by Transcript.

  • Edit by Transcript: With this new editing experience, available on our paid plans, you can quickly and easily remove any glitches from your video after you record – so you’ll feel camera-ready every time. How does it work? Simply delete parts of your transcript to instantly see the changes in your video! Plus, you can remove filler words & silent pauses in one click – so you can be sure you’ll always sound your best.

Sell faster and smarter with new features for Sales and customer-facing teams

Loom for Sales

“If I could recommend one thing to a new Account Executive in SAAS today, it would be this - ask your company to buy Loom, and if they won't, pay for it out of pocket.”

- Jesse Vohwinkel, Sales Director at Seamless.AI

One of the most prevalent use cases for async video is personalizing and humanizing customer communications, whether for prospecting, nurturing customer relationships, or resolving a customer problem. Today, we’re introducing top-requested features that help Sales teams (and their partners in Support and Customer Success) better track who’s watching their outreach and its effectiveness at driving engagement.

Now salespeople can drive more pipeline, accelerate deal velocity, and improve onboarding success with new features available on our Enterprise plan:

  • Request Email to View: Ask anonymous viewers to provide an email to play your video, putting you in the know every time.

  • New Salesforce Integration (Beta): Auto-track your Loom engagement data like views, comments, reactions all within Salesforce! Now you can pinpoint highly engaged customers and top-performing content to optimize your outreach.  

Automatically personalize Looms for higher engagement with Variables (Beta)


Video is a personal medium – and we’ve learned that the #1 pain point for sales users is the time spent personalizing every video. We also know from previous research that customized video titles capture more attention and increase views. We’re excited to release our first phase of a Variables feature set, available today in beta for a limited trial on Business and Enterprise plans!

  • Variables (beta): Now you can record once, and Loom will duplicate your video with a personalized title for each viewer – allowing for customization with individual or company names, job titles, and more.

And we’re not stopping there, we’re already working on additional types of Variables to be released in the near future (think including Variables throughout your video with text-to-speech). Stay tuned!

We’re thrilled to put these new features into your hands, so you can discover new ways to capture the attention of your clients and teammates, drive projects and deals forward – and overall create more focus time for you and your teams.  Happy new year and happy recording with Loom!


Jan 8, 2024

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