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Free Webcam Recorder

Harness the power of video at the click of a button with the Loom online video recorder. Record anytime, anywhere, and quickly upload your videos to boost clicks for your business.

Market Trends

More than 25 million people across 400,000 companies choose Loom

Streamline your videos with webcam recordings

  • Create quality videos with zero equipment

    Webcam recorder solutions are the future of video. Whether you’re producing a clip for your sales team or actively pitching to leads, Loom’s online webcam recorder offers an all-in-one solution for producing amazing videos to connect with customers.

  • Capture incredible product demos

    Stop telling prospects about a great product—show them. With nothing more than a webcam, marketers can record easily shareable product demos. Add in text, subtitles, or external images with Loom’s video editing tools to enhance production value and create a lasting impression on the viewer.

  • Personalize your next sales pitch

    Personalization is the easiest way to get an edge in a hyper-competitive business landscape. In minutes, you can create sales pitches tailored to each lead and watch your conversion rates spike.

Use webcam recordings across your company

Businesses using the Loom free webcam recorder give their teams the advantage without the need for a considerable investment. Make the Loom webcam recorder your business tool of the year and benefit from the power of video.

Communicate effectively

Provide updates and information in a way that’s respectful of everyone’s time and schedule. Easily keep in touch with customers who live in different time zones or work remotely.

Use webcam recordings to show and tell while answering customer questions. Remove the risk of miscommunication with clear, concise, and direct messages.

Create amazing tutorials

Screen recording empowers customers to follow along wherever they happen to be. Offer more support than ever before and stand by your customers every step of the way.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Teamwork is the key to any successful business. Harness Loom’s online video recorder and communicate without limits. Create tutorials, record explanation videos, or send out video presentations to disseminate important information. Make sure everyone is on the same page in the era of remote working.

Send a personalized note

Say hello to new customers in a personalized message. Give each interaction with customers a personal touch, so they can get to know the people working behind the scenes.

Loom webcam recorder FAQ

How do I record from my webcam?
  1. Set up your recorder

    Choose between the Desktop App to record on Mac or Windows, or use our Chrome Screen Recorder. The Desktop App has some additional features, but both will produce a great result. We also have an Android Screen Recorder and an iOS Screen Recorder. You can check here to make sure your device is compatible with Loom, and a strong upload speed (at least 5mbps) ensures successful video processing.

    Need help choosing?
  2. Record your first video
    Choose your capture mode:

    · Screen + cam: make your screen recording personal
    · Cam only: record just your face
    · Screen only: record your screen with audio only
How can I screen record a video with sound?

Loom makes it easy to record audio and video from your local peripherals. When setting up a new recording session, simply select an audio recording device connected to your computer as the audio source for your recording session. You can even test your recording settings and quality prior to starting a Loom recording.

So much more than video recording

Unlike other free webcam recorder solutions, Loom is so much more than a video recorder. Capture the attention of prospects, engage on a deeper level, and build those personal relationships immediately. Loom is a solution that not only makes recording easy—it drives business growth. Sign up for Loom to access our free video recording software. Start taking advantage of a full suite of business video solutions today.

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