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Loom's Year in Review 2022: New features, improvements, and more

December is here and although we’re wrapping up the year, it also feels like we’re just getting started. So before 2022 is in the rearview mirror, we wanted to take a moment to look back and reflect on where we’ve come and where we’re headed.

Let’s start with some numbers. Today, Loom counts more than 18 million users who have recorded more than 215 million Looms, or, 1.1 billion minutes — on the platform. Our users represent more than 350,000 businesses, and more than 60% of signups come from outside of the US. Engagement also continued to grow with 800 million Looms watched on the platform, totaling more than 3.6 billion minutes of Looms viewed!

On the product side, we’ve launched a ton of powerful new editing features that have made recording faster, easier, and more flexible. We’ve also added collaboration features to accelerate workflows and communicate more effectively. If you didn’t have the time to read all the blog posts and changelogs we shared, here’s your chance to catch up.

New Features


In 2022, we were on a mission to make it faster and easier to capture your thoughts with Loom.

There were small but mighty workflow improvements like Quick Restart button on our Desktop and Chrome extension recorders and “sticky” recording settings which save your most recent settings so you don’t have to reconfigure them for every recording.

Then there were the bigger features we shipped. Speaker Notes lets you organize your thoughts in a movable window that’s hidden in the final recording. And Blur, still in Beta as of writing, gives you the power to hide elements in the Chrome Browser before you start recording.

Speaker Notes


Editing in Loom came a long way this year. We launched our most requested feature: video stitching. Video stitching lets you combine clips recorded at different times, on different devices, and with different people to create one powerful video. Simply add clips, arrange, trim, and save. Video stitching unlocks an entirely new set of use cases: from collaborative presentations to personalized videos.

We didn’t stop there. We also introduced new features to help you look and sound your best with background noise suppression, low-light adjustments, and touch-up my appearance.

Video Stitching


We also made enhancements across the viewing experience. If you begin watching a video and don’t finish, when you return, the video will start playing from where you left off. Loom will also remember the last playback speed you used.

Another area of focus was transcripts. They’re now faster, more accurate, and available on all plans for free.

Finally, we improved the way you can engage with a Loom. You can now react with any emoji and edit comments without having to delete the whole thing.

Emoji Reactions

Workspace Collaboration

In 2022, we introduced a reimagined home for all your video content, making Loom an even more powerful way for teams and organizations to collaborate with async video. It’s now easier than ever to manage, find, share, and discover videos to scale access to information and stay connected at work.

To manage your videos, there’s a whole new Library that contains videos from across your workspace. You can also Post videos to share important, relevant, or fun looms for teammates to find and enjoy. Tags let you label looms by topic, project, or category so they’re easier to find. And a revamped search lets find videos by title, person, tag, or best of all - any word in the transcript.

To stay on top of your recent video activity, we created a whole new notifications page so you can take quick action on recent views, comments, and reactions across all your looms in one place. Mentions let you invite people into the conversation with @-mentions in comments. And the History page makes it quick to find looms you recently watched

Finally, to help you stay connected at work, we added Home, which makes it easy to discover videos that matter to your work.

LoomHQ Promo Horizontal
Loom HQ

Mobile Apps

2022 brought a slew of enhancements to our iOS and Android apps. There were major design updates to the video player including picture-in-picture mode, double-tap to skip forward/backward, and improved controls for changing playback speed, toggling captions, and playing in fullscreen.

We also brought more functionality from the web app to mobile, including activity feeds, transcripts, and user profiles. Finally, we introduced audio-only recordings, which are exclusively available on the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Mobile Apps

Speed and performance improvements

Everyone loves splashy new features, but when it comes down to it, speed and performance are the foundation of a best-in-class product experience. In the last 12 months, we overhauled our video player and dramatically improved our upload speeds so you can go from recording to viewing even faster.

Looking ahead

That covers our 2022 roundup! So what can you expect in 2023? Keep an eye out for updates to the Loom Chrome Extension, more playback speeds, plus a new way to remind yourself to watch a Loom.


Dec 8, 2022

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