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Getting your team on Loom is now easier than ever

Today, we’re taking the first of many steps to make it easier for teams to collaborate with video messaging. 

It’s no secret that how we work is radically changing. As companies shift to this new normal the need for strong communication, connection, and transparency in the workforce is stronger than ever.

This past year, we’ve seen companies like Hubspot, JLL, and Atlassian adopt Loom across entire departments and organizations. And we’ve learned something. The more that entire teams embrace a culture of asynchronous video messaging, the more impactful it becomes. Benefits like equal access to information, meaningful (and fun) workplace connections, time savings, and fewer meetings are all amplified when entire teams use Loom.

So, today we’re introducing Creator Lite to help you add more of your teammates to Loom – for free. And a big thank you to our champions for all your feedback, many of you helped shape this update. 

A new role on Loom: Creator Lite

Add more of your team for free on Business

Creator Lite, available on Loom Business, is a great way to introduce your entire team to the power of video messaging for free. 

Creator Lite members can record 25 videos and up to 5 minutes per video. With your whole team on Loom, everyone can create videos and has direct access to your organization’s video content – making knowledge sharing easy.

Invite Creator Lite members
It's easy to add Creator Lite members for free on Business

No more anonymous views

If you’re already a Loom user, Creator Lite helps you get more of your team in your Workspace. This instantly improves collaboration – you’ll be able to see who interacts with your videos and move your work forward more effectively. 

More videos for teams on Starter, still free

The updated Starter plan enables larger teams to start recording and seamlessly building a Loom library. Each member gets 25 videos and you can have 20 members on your team. That’s up to 500 videos in your Workspace instead of 100 – all free. 

What’s next for teams on Loom? 

Look out for these features: 

Loom AI: Add custom titles, summaries, chapters tasks, and more to your Looms — instantly. Learn more.

Record a comment: Ever wanted to have a Loom conversation? You can record a comment and thread looms with your teammates. 

Improved collaboration: Better manage who has access to your videos, and easily find looms that were shared with you.

Deeper Slack integration: Record and share quick video updates your team can interact with, without leaving Slack.

Virtual backgrounds: Change up your cam bubble with a virtual background and impress teammates with your professionalism or...humor. 

We look forward to helping teams like you communicate more effectively with video messaging – thanks for looming with us!


Jun 24, 2021

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