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Loom's Free PC Screen Recorder

Screen recordings have quickly become a staple in diverse environments like educational institutions, workplaces, and even our personal lives. We use them to share tutorials with coworkers, create sales and marketing content, or simply show our parents how to turn on safe search.

But while screen recording capabilities are built into most new mobile devices and are easy to access, understanding how to create a screen recording on a PC is a little trickier. Later versions of Windows do offer native screen recording capabilities, but for more advanced features like 4K recording and instant sharing, you’ll need a third-party PC screen recorder.

This article will be your guide to finding the right PC screen recording tool for your needs.

We’ll explore the top features to prioritize in a software solution, common use cases for screen recorders, and our top four apps for 2024 and beyond.

What to look for in a PC screen recorder 

When choosing your ideal PC screen recorder, look out for the following key features and factors:

Screen recording options

A quality screen recording tool for Windows will give you the option to capture the entire screen, a particular tab in your web browser, or just a specific part of your screen.

windows loom recorder
Loom’s Windows screen recording tool.

Webcam recording

Sometimes, you don’t just want to record your computer screen. You may also want to superimpose a video feed of yourself as the presenter.

A good PC screen recorder will allow you to access your device’s front-facing camera and choose where your face is in the video.

Loom recorder
Loom's camera bubble allows you to display yourself on the screen.

4K resolution

The best screen recording tools can record in up to 4K resolution for maximum video quality.

Simultaneous mic and system audio recording

When recording a screen share, you’ll often want watchers to be able to hear the audio from your computer system as well as what you’re saying into the microphone.

For this, your PC screen recorder will need to support simultaneous system sound and mic recording.

Loom mic and audio
Loom’s simultaneous mic and system audio recording.

Built-in sharing tools

The best screen recording software solutions make it easy to share videos with others.

For example, Loom automatically provides a shareable link that you can post on social media, share in messaging tools, or embed on a webpage.

Engagement features 

Once you’ve shared a recorded video with your audience, a great screen recording tool will allow your viewers to interact by leaving comments, reactions, and emojis or respond directly with their own videos.

Rich Reactions
Rich reactions on a Loom video

User-friendly interface 

When choosing a PC screen recorder, look for a user interface that’s easy to understand and simple to navigate. You don’t want to waste time looking for that share link!

Content library 

The best screen recorders also provide a repository or content library for storing and organizing your recordings.

For instance, you can upload any video to Loom HQ, organize your content as you see fit, and quickly find what you’re looking for with filtering and search functionality. 

Loom HQ
The Loom HQ content library.

Mobile screen recording

Want to record and store video files on the go using the same app you use to record on your PC?

You’ll want to select a mobile-friendly PC screen recorder with the ability to record videos on your phone.

Accessible pricing 

Finally, you’ll want to consider how much the tool costs and what payment options are available. For example, can you get a discount for paying for a full year in advance?

Why use a PC screen recorder over native tools? 

If you want to screen record on Microsoft Windows 10 or 11, you’ve got a few native options for video capture.

The Xbox Game Bar is the most commonly used option. It allows you to capture audio, video, and screenshots not only of gameplay but also of any other activity you carry out on your Windows PC.

However, since it’s a native tool, it misses out on some important features that a more advanced PC screen recorder offers, such as:

  • A dedicated content library

  • Advanced video editing functionality

  • Sharing and engagement features

  • Engagement insights, reporting, and analytics

The top 4 PC screen recorders in 2024 

Here are our top four favorite screen recording solutions for PC users.

1. Loom 

Loom is a video and screen recording tool that is available as a Chrome extension or desktop app for PC users. It's the perfect video recording partner for revenue teams, product designers, sales reps, engineers, and more.

With AI features like automatic filler word removal and CTA creation, plus a digital HQ for all of your video storage, Loom is the perfect companion for teams looking to create screen recordings on PC.

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Top features:

  • Filler word removal: Use AI to cut out those pesky “umms” and “ahhs.”

  • Live rewind: Hit pause at any time during a recording, rewind, and correct any errors (on Chrome).

  • Up to 4K resolution: Deliver professional quality videos with 4K resolution.

  • Viewer engagement: Add comments and reactions directly to videos.

  • Auto-lighting and touch-ups: Touch up your video with automatic lighting and filters.

  • Android and iOS mobile apps: Record on the go when you’re not at your PC.

  • Sharing: Automatically generate and share links.

  • Engagement insights: Learn how viewers are interacting with your Loom recordings. 


  • You can use AI to create summaries and CTAs or remove filler words. 

  • Loom is a cost-effective solution for modern teams.

  • It is incredibly easy to use.

  • You can password protect videos.


  • The free version has a time limit of five minutes per recording. 


Loom's plans start at $12.50 per user per month, or you can get started with a free individual plan.

2. Camtasia

Camtasia is a video recording and editing software offered by TechSmith, a suite of digital work tools.

It’s available to buy up-front on a perpetual license—which means you can cut down on subscription fees—but is not the most user-friendly solution.

Camtasia recorder
Camtasia screen recorder

Top features:

  • Desktop app: Download Camtasia to your PC and work offline.

  • Video editing features: Zoom in on key features or customize your cursor.

  • Audio editing suite: Deliver professional quality audio and cut out filler words.


  • You can remove filler words with Camtasia’s audio editing suite.

  • This is one of the few PC screen recorders that you can buy on a perpetual license. 


  • Camtasia is something of a legacy tool, so it doesn't have the most modern user interface. 


You can get a yearly subscription to Camtasia for $175 or add the audio editing suite for a total of $330 (billed annually).

Alternatively, you can buy Camtasia outright on a perpetual license for $290.

3. ShareX

ShareX is an open source tool for basic screen recordings and screenshots.

It's a free recording tool, but it’s also one of the most limited in terms of screen recording and video editing features.

ShareX screen recording tool

Top features:

  • GIF recording: Use ShareX to create your own GIFs.

  • Image post-editing: Improve marketing materials and image creation with a post-editing suite.

  • Screen area recording: Record a specific portion of your screen rather than the entire desktop.


  • ShareX is free.

  • It is a lightweight tool.


  • Since it’s a free tool, ShareX is relatively limited in terms of its functionality.

  • The user interface is a little lacking. 


ShareX is a completely free tool.

4. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open source PC recording and screenshot tool. It’s available at no cost on all major operating systems, but it misses out on some modern skillsets like AI features.

OBS Studio
OBS Studio screen recording tool

Top features:

  • Simple audio mixer: Improve your audio experience by correctly balancing track levels.

  • Customizable output settings: Choose video and audio bit rate.


  • OBS Studio is free.

  • It’s available on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. 

  • You can create screen recordings with multiple input sources. 


  • This tool lacks advanced features like sharing capabilities and AI tools.


OBS Studio is available free of charge.

Use cases for PC screen recording

Sales engagement 

Our first use case for PC screen recording tools is sales. Sales teams can use screen recordings to:

  • Replace or supplement live product demos

  • Send personalized prospecting videos to boost engagement rates

  • Communicate with internal teams like marketing and customer service

  • Answer customer questions and objections

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Product management 

PC screen recording tools are the perfect partner for product management.

Product managers can use screen recordings to conduct asynchronous planning, quickly evaluate new ideas when working with remote teams, and accelerate feedback cycles by empowering users to record their desktop screens and provide in-depth, real-time feedback.


Engineering teams can use a PC screen recorder to: 

  • Provide code reviews via video

  • Film a walk-through of bugs

  • Create a knowledge base or SOP content management system 


Design managers use PC screen recording tools to present mockups and deliver better feedback with maximum context.

Team members can comment and react to videos or reply with their own screen recordings as part of the circular feedback process. 

Team alignment

PC screen recorders drive team alignment by giving project managers the ability to share contextual updates via video. 

For example, project managers can conduct asynchronous standups to give team members some time back.

Customer service 

Customer support teams can use PC screen recorders to level up their service by providing detailed walkthroughs and how-to videos that improve the way customers resolve their technical challenges.

Plus, by creating and hosting screen-recorded videos on your site, you can give customers access to self-service content that takes work off of your support team’s plate and empowers customers to fix issues faster.

Employee training

Video training, whether as part of an onboarding sequence or ongoing development, is critical for reducing errors and upskilling your workforce.

PC screen recorders can help make employee training easier by enabling remote training, providing a database of accessible training content, or simply showing an employee how to sign into their digital workspace using SSO.

Marketing collateral 

Marketing collateral, from how-to guides to product overview videos and webinars, can all be produced using a quality PC screen recorder.

Marketing teams can create high-quality videos for:

  • Personalized ads for ABM campaigns 

  • Testimonials and customer interview recordings

  • Visual enhancements to otherwise static blog posts 


Educators use PC screen recorders to enable remote learning, record PowerPoint presentations, provide additional context for assignments, and enable individualized learning.

Students can respond with questions in their own videos, which speeds up communication and creates a virtual classroom setting.

What is the best free screen recorder for PC? 

Loom is one of the best PC screen recorders available. Its free plan for individual users makes it easy to create your first video.

With Loom, you can record your full screen and overlay a webcam recording, access unlimited transcriptions in over 50 languages, leverage viewer insights to understand engagement, and customize video privacy controls.


Mar 5, 2024

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