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Quick Tips From Loommates: Provide Context Before a Meeting

One way to help ensure a meeting accomplishes its goal is to send a pre-meeting email — that way you ensure the meeting time is used effectively.

Sending a Loom video works even better for this. I like to send a “purpose-of-the-call” loom, ideally two days before a live meeting. I send the loom both in an email (using the handy Gmail embed option!) and I also make sure to add it to the calendar invite as well, in case additional people are added. 

From a sales perspective, I’ve found it valuable to be as transparent as possible even before the first conversation with a prospect. If I’m planning on talking through a specific product, I share a brief, high-level overview, and I’m clear about what my ask is. I also always have my camera turned on. I want them to be able to put a face to the name, and know that this is a personalized outreach. 

Sending videos like these has not only increased the number of meetings booked, it’s fast-tracked the sales cycle. By the time we first meet, prospects often tell me they have already bought into the value, so our meeting time is spent more strategically around the next steps to get started. 

I also send looms internally before meetings. While an agenda is nice to have, sharing a brief loom that provides more context on what you’re planning to discuss encourages attendees to be more prepared, and it helps get the juices flowing when it comes to asking questions and bringing relevant ideas to the meeting. 

Call-to-action use

Depending on the meeting, I’ll sometimes use Loom’s call-to-action functionality to link to additional resources, or attach any relevant files (such as the slide deck I’ll be presenting) to the video page.

But sometimes a meeting isn't necessary. I've learned how to decline a meeting that I feel isn't worth my time to attend. I'll often send a quick loom to the meeting organizer to share my thoughts and give them an opportunity to pull me in if they feel it's absolutely necessary for me to be there.

I prefer to send looms instead of typing out emails because it saves me time to not have to type it all out, and at the same time it’s highly personalized. ‍

As someone whose job is to build relationships, I’d say the most impactful and simple tool is the one I’ll be using over and over again.


Mar 31, 2020

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