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Hi there, meet Loom.

Record quick videos of your screen and cam. An essential tool for delivering project feedback to distributed teams.

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Stacked screens representing loom videos. Top screen has shows a person in a bubble reviewing their Q1 Results Overview

As a leader at your company, Loom can help you find a more efficient, expressive, and effective way to communicate.

  • Nothing to schedule. Nothing to type.

    Send quick videos when calendars won’t line up and you don’t have time to type a wall of text.

  • Be yourself.

    As fun or formal as you want. As many takes as you need.

  • More than words.

    Fun fact: people retain an order of magnitude more information via video than text.

The value of Loom at Enterprise Organizations

Your teammates are recording quick videos of their screens and cams to cut down meetings by 29%

  • 442+

    High Value Recordings

    LaunchDarkly scaled institutional knowledge with 442 videos rewatched in 90 days with Loom.

  • 1,273

    Meetings Avoided

    Teams across Brex cut 1,273 meetings from schedules in 90 days using Loom.

  • 18M+

    Users Recording

    More than 18 million users across more than 350,000 companies around the world use Loom for their async work needs.

Enterprise-grade security with SSO and advanced privacy controls

Loom protects any and all data on our platform, so you can communicate confidently.

  • GDPR, CCPA, and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

  • Equipped with advanced admin controls to protect sensitive information internally

  • Built on the AWS-backbone with secure and reliable infrastructure

  • Secured with encrypted data and industry-standard security frameworks

What Customers are Saying on G2

  • Joslyn MDirector of Customer Success

    Loom makes communicating in a remote environment efficient and clear. It is faster than sending an email and I can include lots of detail without putting yet another meeting on the calendar. I feel like the paid option for longer videos is fair, and the free features are pretty robust as well.

  • Srijith G

    Loom allows my teams to focus on their tasks without losing their flow to meetings in their already full calendars. Helps them stay calm and focused. Bonus: They can always look up the videos for reference if ever the need arises.

  • Ignacio C.Sr. Account Executive

    I love how fast Loom videos update. I think the UI is sleek and very easy to follow. I love that I can set a call-to-action button linked to my calendar for my clients to engage with. I think that Loom is making great strides in the visual communication space. I save so much time sending a quick video instead of writing out a long email.

  • Keshara MProcess Architect

    Essentially, I am able to utilize the tool to cut down on emails/Slack messages/virtual calls, without feeling like I'm doing even more work to do so. I also like the ease of recording built into the browser, allowing me to begin to record a video within seconds and have that info sent over to someone within seconds of finishing the recording.

  • Micah NProduct Marketing Manager

    Loom is extremely helpful for recording short updates, presentations, and demos that can be watched asynchronously. Instead of scheduling another meeting, just send a loom. It is also great that looms can be watched at 2x speed - so you can quickly get caught up on important information.

  • Andrew S.Senior Product Expert

    It is a great way to navigate customers through complex issues and speak to them - This is much preferred over typing out long emails or other explanations which are harder for someone to follow. By recording a video that show what someone is doing while also speaking to the "why" of what they're doing, this makes problem-solving much easier.

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