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Introducing the loomSDK Public Beta – The Record Button for the Internet

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We've been focused on building easy-to-use video messaging technology for five years — and today, we're thrilled to launch the loomSDK

We can’t wait to empower builders like you with the easiest and most reliable way to add screen and cam recording to your own products — all for free. The SDK enables your users to record, embed, view, and interact with Loom videos directly within web apps, adding clarity and context to any workflow.

Twenty million users and enterprises like Netflix, JLL, and Twitter already rely on Loom to quickly and easily explain anything at work. And, in the future, recorded video will be woven into every work application, delighting users and driving deeper engagement.

World-class video that’s easy to implement

The loomSDK takes the world's most speedy, seamless, and reliable video messaging infrastructure and makes it easy for developers to integrate.

Once implemented, a user can start recording within your web app without signing up for Loom or downloading our Chrome or Desktop recorders.

The best part? Your users get a world-class platform with instant video recording and editing, and Loom manages the rest, including storage and infrastructure. Playback is supported across most major devices and operating systems.

Watch how easy it is to implement in the loom below. 

Atlassian adds Loom video messaging to Trello 

As one of the world’s leading work management platforms, it’s very exciting that Trello is one of the first products to build with the loomSDK. The Loom integration will help millions of knowledge workers around the world better manage projects in Trello with video messages. Users will be able to record, insert, view, and interact with looms right in Trello, adding context and clarity to tasks and projects with video.

trello animation
We’ve seen the impact of asynchronous video on collaboration at Atlassian, and we’re excited to make it a part of how millions of Trello users will move work forward.
Michael Pryor, Head of Trello at Atlassian

Stay tuned, Loom in Trello is coming soon!

Loom will be in your favorite workplace platforms

Millions of users already use Loom in the best work apps using our Chrome Extension or Desktop app and link sharing. And now, as more partners adopt the loomSDK, this experience will be even more integrated and seamless. 

If you’re a Loom user, you can expect to see more platforms adding a Loom record button to different workflows. You’ll discover new and exciting use cases for Loom and you’ll be able to stay in your favorite apps while recording and inserting looms.

Want to see Loom integrated into your favorite apps? Let us know which ones on Twitter!

Future-of-work apps build with the loomSDK

Loom is also powering video messaging in these next-gen communication, collaboration, and productivity apps.

Miro: add async context with Loom

Loom in Miro, the online collaborative whiteboard platform, will enable you to add asynchronous video context in Miro boards. You’ll be able record and insert looms in Miro to help meeting and workshop participants prepare ahead of time and boost participation. Users will also be able to improve feedback on designs, diagrams, and user story maps by recording looms to provide context and personal commentary without leaving Miro.

Coming soon to Miro

Linear: share async feedback and demos

Linear is an issue tracking tool built for speed that streamlines software projects, tasks, and bug tracking. From walking through a design, reproducing a bug, or demoing an implementation, the Loom and Linear integration helps teams communicate critical information more effectively.

Coming soon to Linear

Hugo: have shorter, better meetings with Loom

Hugo is the leading note-taking app for meeting notes, agendas, and tasks. But meetings don’t just have to happen in real-time. Adding Loom videos to Hugo helps teams leverage async communication. For example, you can record a Loom for attendees to review before the meeting to make sure they show up prepared. You can also record video summaries of long meeting notes to help stakeholders skip the live meeting and quickly digest it.

Now available in Hugo.  

Trainual: scale onboarding and training content with Loom

Trainual is the easiest way to onboard, train, and scale your team. With Loom in Trainual your onboarding and training content is not only much quicker to create, but also more engaging, better organized, infinitely repeatable, and easily scalable. And you can seamlessly record a new hire welcome video, document how a process works, demonstrate how to set up software, explain a policy, and so much more.

Coming soon to Trainual

MarkUp: give contextual feedback with Loom

MarkUp is the simplest way for teams to provide visual feedback on any website, image, or PDF. Loom videos make MarkUp comments more contextual by letting you record your screen while placing a comment. Loom in MarkUp reduces ambiguity around feedback and allows users to continue working asynchronously at scale.

Coming soon to MarkUp

Loom is...everywhere!

Loom will also be available in Knightley (investor due diligence), Rupie (recruiting for the gaming industry), Invisible (workflow automation), Demostack (tailored demos), Air (design asset management), Compose (centralizing workplace comms), and more.

The video layer for work

No matter where knowledge workers choose to physically work from — at home, in the office, on a beach, or a little bit of everything — one thing is certain: to succeed, technology platforms must serve users in this new reality, and help them find new and better ways to communicate and transfer information in the cloud.

We believe that video messaging is the answer and that Loom will be this video layer for work. To achieve this vision, integrations into the world's best work apps are critical. And what excites us the most is all the use cases that we haven’t yet imagined – that will be entirely fueled by you, our future partners.

Today the loomSDK powers recording and embedding. The team is already working on an electronSDK for desktop and piloting a paid SDK with some of the world’s leading technology companies. You can also expect additional SDKs like search-and-insert and insights in the future. 

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to build with video!

Please note we will be giving access to the loomSDK beta on a rolling basis. Keep an eye out for emails to confirm timing and thanks for your patience!


Jun 2, 2021

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