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7 Tips for Impactful Product Launch Videos + 15 Examples

Ready to launch a new product? Creating and promoting a product launch video can mean the difference between a successful launch and a flop. Videos increase traffic, engagement, and lead generation, and are shown to convince 82% of customers to purchase. This makes video a powerful marketing strategy to improve product awareness.

Creating a product launch video, let alone a video marketing strategy, may seem daunting. You may think you need an extensive budget to hire specialists and invest in top-of-the-line equipment. But you can create a successful product launch video without exceeding your budget or spending hours editing footage. We’ll show you what consumers want from your SaaS product launch videos, and how to craft engaging footage and maximize views.

5 types of product launch videos

Ready to promote your product? Here are five types of product launch videos to engage your audience:

1. Brand videos

Brand videos convey what makes your brand unique. For example, this Patagonia brand video highlights the company’s values and commitment to its products, customers, and the environment. It tells the story behind Patagonia and sets the brand apart from other outdoors companies by stating, “We’re in business to save our home planet, fashion’s got nothing to do with it.”

Other ideas for compelling brand videos include showcasing a customer story that demonstrates your business’s benefits or reinforcing brand values with a promise. 

Don’t be afraid to show real employees, customers, and locations in your brand videos. These elements add transparency and realism, building trust and connection.

2. Internal product launch announcements

Invite the rest of your company to join the celebration by recording a product launch announcement with Loom.

Loom’s no-fuss approach lets you record your screen and webcam in a single click. Once you’re done recording, your video is instantly ready to share in Slack. You can even embed an email video so your teammates can immediately watch it.

Loom shares vital context in your internal communications, including your tone of voice and facial expressions. This further personalizes team messaging like peer and manager feedback, employee onboarding, and project updates.

3. Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos follow a narrator as they “unbox” or open your digital product for the first time. This product launch video type effectively introduces new users to your SaaS product and walks them through the onboarding process.

You can use an unboxing-style product video to reveal new products or updates, similar to how Canva introduced five new features. 

With its webcam and screen recording tools, Loom makes creating unboxing videos easy to create. Open up your product and record while you walk viewers through essential features.

4. Product demo videos

Demo and explainer videos display the primary features of your SaaS product. These videos help customers understand if your product solves their problem. They can also guide current users through troubleshooting or new features. 

An effective strategy for creating explainer videos is to walk your audience through the steps to complete a specific task. For example, Jasper’s demo video shows how to use the AI writing tool to create ad copy, an email, and a blog post.

Aim to make your product demo easy to understand. Provide clear instructions and avoid jargon or acronyms that might confuse and frustrate viewers. Include close-up shots of each feature so viewers can follow along.

5. Customer testimonial videos

Use testimonials from beta testers and past customers in a product launch video. Share a single customer story, like this FreshBooks video does, or multiple short stories.

Customer testimonial videos are a great way to connect with viewers, show empathy, and present your product as a solution without feeling self-promotional. Showcasing a customer’s story also provides solid proof that your product works.

How to capture attention with product launch videos

Your audience craves video content—54% of consumers want more videos from brands. Give them what they want with these seven tips to create an engaging product launch video.

1. Craft a compelling launch story

Empathizing with your target audience is key to a compelling story. Understand their needs, wants, and pain points to create a relatable hero who resonates with potential customers. This builds emotional connection, makes your story memorable, and increases customer loyalty.

Your story also needs a villain. This doesn’t have to be another person. It can be the challenges or pain points that your target audience experiences. It can even be a human representation of your audience’s pain points, like Allstate’s Mayhem character. While Mayhem isn’t a person, Allstate uses actor Dean Winters to show how its services help customers with reckless drivers, or even a bear destroying your car.

2. Highlight key features and benefits

The best way to spark excitement for your product launch is to showcase unique features and benefits. For example, this Dyson video shows how easy it is to use and store its V8 vacuum, and close-up shots give a clear look at how it makes cleaning a home easy.

The Dyson video uses storytelling to draw viewers in. It demonstrates how the vacuum makes it easy to clean up common issues faced by Dyson’s target audience: spilled food, dirty car interiors, and hard-to-clean places like stairs, air vents, and baseboards. 

3. Include a clear call to action

You can’t expect viewers to take the next step without a compelling call to action (CTA) like Sung Won Chung’s Loom video CTA inviting viewers to “Read the Blog.”

Best practices for effective CTAs include:

  • Keep it short

  • Use visuals like buttons or animations to draw attention

  • Use simple, direct, and clear language, like “Buy now” or “Learn more”

Want to know if your CTA is effective? Check metrics like clicks and conversions, and A/B test different CTA language, visuals, and placement.

Never forget a CTA: Loom’s Auto CTA feature ensures you always include next steps in your videos. With the Loom Chrome extension, you can edit the CTA link, text, and button design, and choose to show the CTA only at the end of your video.

4. Polish your video

A vivid video with smooth graphics captures and retains attention. Look for video recording tools with editing capabilities like Loom’s instant editing features. You can also follow tips like these from Miguel Acero to improve engagement using your screen recorder.

Optimize your lighting for video. Natural sunlight is best, but have a backup lighting kit on hand. If you lack a webcam for your PC or your phone’s camera is busted, use a versatile video recording tool like Loom. It works on multiple devices like the iPhone and your laptop’s Chrome browser so you get the best possible video quality.

Don’t overlook audio quality. You don’t need to cover your home office with soundproofing panels, but look for a video recording platform that optimizes your sound quality. For example, Loom reduces background noises like talkative pets or a lawnmower.

5. Optimize product launch videos for mobile and SEO

In the U.S., 69% of people watch videos on their smartphones, so optimizing your product launch video for mobile viewers is worthwhile. Some ways to do this include:

  • Record in a vertical, or 9:16 aspect ratio for maximum display sizes.

  • Use good lighting and close-ups to clearly show product features on smaller screens.

  • Add captions or subtitles so viewers can choose to watch without sound.

Consider A/B testing product launch videos of different lengths. Most social media videos are one to two minutes long for a reason. The average completion rate was 66% for videos under a minute long, dropping to 22% for videos that lasted 20 minutes or longer.

But longer videos can perform well. This Hilton TikTok video is 10 minutes long and still earned 35.8M views, 525.9K likes, and 28K comments. Identify the best video length by checking your analytics. Look for videos with the most engagement and longest view times, and note their length.

Optimizing your video for SEO drives organic traffic to your product launch video. Here’s how to rank your videos in search:

  • Add relevant keywords to your video title, description, and tags. Use tools like TubeBuddy, Google Trends, and Rank Tracker to discover potential keywords.

  • Create and post video transcripts and format them for readability.

  • Encourage viewers to like, share, and comment on your videos to boost your video ranking on social media.

6. Create buzz with teasers

Spark conversation by teasing your product launch. Teasers can be short videos that build anticipation with glimpses of your upcoming product. Use a cryptic countdown to create curiosity, like Notion's build-up to the Notion Calendar release.

Social media is ideal for creating buzz. Your followers can boost your reach by sharing behind-the-scenes peeks, countdowns, and contests.

Loom is a great way to quickly record a product launch teaser. For example, spooky storytelling app Chilling released a Loom video ahead of its 2.0 version launch to highlight the app’s new features.

7. Build credibility with testimonials, user-generated content, and influencer partnerships

User-generated content (UGC), testimonials, and influencer partnerships increase awareness of your product launch. They also add credibility, which is invaluable for converting new customers.

One way to gather UGC and testimonials is to reward loyal customers with early access to your new product. Ask for honest feedback and content, and get permission if you use their feedback or content in marketing videos.

Passionate fans may create their own video content, like this comparison video for Arc Browser by YouTuber Craylor Made. Resharing this content improves engagement and delights customers. You can also partner with influencers to tease your product launch to their followers, effectively borrowing their credibility and encouraging a wider audience to try your product.

How to analyze the success of your product launch video

Video marketing offers multiple benefits, and 92% of marketers said video delivers a great ROI. How can you tell if your product launch video impacts your bottom line? Keep tabs on these metrics to analyze success: 

Engagement metrics

  • Views: Check the total number of views your product launch video earns across all channels to understand reach and visibility.

  • Watch time or completion rate: Indicates the average time your audience spends watching your video.

  • Likes, comments, and shares: These reflect how well your video content resonates.

Sales and conversion metrics

  • Click-through rate (CTR): The percentage of viewers who click on your video CTA. A higher CTR indicates greater interest and purchase intent.

  • Conversion rate: The number of viewers who clicked your CTA and completed a desired action, like purchasing your product.

  • Customer acquisition cost: The cost of acquiring new customers, often taken from your total video campaign spend.

  • Lead generation: The new leads attributed to your product launch video indicate interest and purchase intent.

  • Revenue attribution: The revenue or sales pipeline value attributed to your product launch video.

Check Loom video insights: Analyze engagement insights like completion rate and CTA conversion rates directly in your Loom workspace.

3 more unforgettable product launch video examples

Watch three more of the best product launch videos by fellow SaaS companies for inspiration:

1. Hootsuite

This animated video captivates with bright colors and a unique style that matches Hootsuite’s brand vibe. It includes just enough humor to engage viewers.

2. GitHub and Mercedes Benz

GitHub and Mercedes Benz collaborated on this long promotional video. The length suits the story, including interviews, real-life scenarios, and even a bit of humor.

3. Dropbox

This Dropbox video tells a compelling story that resonates with almost anyone. While no product features appear, viewers understand Dropbox’s features and solutions.

Make your next product launch a success with Loom

You don't need a degree or expensive video and audio production equipment to create an amazing product launch video. Record your marketing videos in just a few clicks with Loom, then let Loom AI and its instant editing features polish them to a campaign-ready shine.

Loom removes the need for confusing email chains or meetings for video approval. Share your Loom video link with colleagues for feedback in video comments. Collect vital information so your product launch video looks amazing and moves the needle toward business goals.

Create your next product launch video with Loom.


May 1, 2024

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