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11 Video Marketing Platforms for Small and Midsize Business Teams

Video marketing platforms are essential for a powerful marketing strategy. 

But, not all tools are created equally. Your team needs to create effective, high-quality marketing content efficiently and share it anywhere.

When paired with useful analytics, features that streamline production, and elements that best convey your brand’s story, the right video marketing tool can take your marketing strategy to the next level. 

If you’re scouring the web to find the right video marketing platform for your team, take a look at this list of some of the best video marketing platforms available for marketing teams. 

1. Loom

Loom Homepage
Loom homepage

Loom’s video marketing solution equips teams to record, publish, and share their videos easily.

Users can simultaneously record themselves and their screen to conduct walkthroughs, deliver presentations, navigate demos, and showcase their products. It’s the perfect marketing tool for recording and distributing videos at an affordable price point.

Teams can easily share marketing videos by embedding them on marketing web pages or sharing them with the right audience through emails and links. Viewers can even interact with the videos by using emojis, leaving comments, and recording their own video replies.


  • Simultaneous recording: Screen capture and record a webcam at the same time. 

  • Record anywhere: Capture videos on a Chrome browser, phone, or desktop.

  • AI features: Generate video titles, summaries, share messages and more with the Loom AI add-on.

  • Easy editing: Use Live Rewind mid-recording, automatically remove filler words, speed up videos, edit by transcript, and more.

  • Market everywhere: Embed videos on webpages, share links, and email videos to market assets anywhere.

  • Collaborate: Send time-stamped feedback and plan marketing campaigns together.


  • Easily record in seconds, with little to no production costs.

  • Control who sees your videos with privacy settings.

  • Engage with viewers using interactive features like comments, emojis, and video replies.


  • There is a limited video amount for the free plan.

  • Loom is not a cinematic marketing video platform.


Loom starts at $12.50 monthly, billed annually.

2. Animoto

Animoto home page

Animoto is a drag-and-drop recording and video editing tool. Teams can screen record, add images and files, and add music to marketing videos. Branding and template curation streamlines the video creation process.

The special effects and image options make it a great video marketing option for social media.

Some customers have complained about poor customer support and lower value for its price tag.


  • Collaboration: Create videos with the team and on the cloud.

  • Easy editing: Intuitively move elements around while editing videos.

  • Visual effects: Add files, images, and other elements for an interactive video.


  • The platform is very straightforward and it’s easy to create and edit videos.

  • Teams can work together to create the perfect video.


  • Users sometimes have trouble seeing the value of the subscription costs.

  • Customer support can be difficult to reach.


The Professional plan is $15 per month and the Teams plan is $39 per month. Both plans are billed annually. 

Click here for a list of the top screen recorders.

3. Wistia

Source: Wistia home page

Wistia is a video marketing platform where teams can record videos, edit, and collaborate. The tool also has video hosting and analytic features that provide essential video insights and keep videos in one place.

While Wistia has great features for video marketing teams, it can be pricey to access all the features necessary for top marketing videos and there are much more affordable alternatives


  • Create videos quickly: Record video clips, edit, and collaborate, all within a browser. 

  • Video hosting feature: Keep videos accessible and organized in the cloud. 

  • Screen recording: Record both your screen and webcam for personalized videos.


  • Record instantly.

  • Store all your videos in one place.

  • Express ideas authentically with webcam recording.


  • Features like enhanced data analytics, lead capture forms, and custom CTAs start at $99 per month.


Wistia has a limited free plan, which includes up to 10 videos. Its next tier starts at $24 per month.

4. Brightcove

Source: Brightcove home page

Marketing teams can use Brightcove to showcase their product’s value while streaming live.

With on-demand video and live streaming, teams can leverage Brightcove to win customers and increase reach. The platform also provides monetization opportunities.

Brightcove is great for live events and milestone moments that teams can share with their target audience.


  • Custom solutions: Brightcove provides products like marketing studios, ad monetization during streams, and more marketing opportunities. 

  • Live streaming: Work with Brightcove to create the ultimate live event. 

  • Chat: Communicate live with viewers while broadcasting. 

  • Support teams: Rely on support during events from Brightcove’s engineering team.


  • Share a live brand experience with your audience.

  • Communicate with viewers as the video plays.


  • The platform is not for building and creating async video projects.

  • Companies primarily rely on the platform for live videos and would need other video creation tools in their video marketing stack.


Brightcove provides custom quotes.

5. Vimeo

Source: Vimeo home page

Vimeo has always provided great 4K high-quality videos. This is especially true for creative and artistic teams. Today, marketing teams can use Vimeo to promote their brands.

Vimeo primarily functions as a video hosting platform. Think of similar platforms, like YouTube, but with higher quality videos and without the ads. Marketing professionals can publish their videos on Vimeo just like traditional social media. Fast, straightforward, and easy. Professionals can also share their videos through links or embeds.

Notably, the price may be higher than other Vimeo alternatives


  • Video production: Create and edit videos. 

  • Showcase experiences: Record your screen. 

  • Spread the word: Share videos on a celebrated video hosting platform.


  • Vimeo helps brands publish and host high-quality, high-res marketing videos.

  • The platform also works as a social media tool and avoids distracting ads.


  • Vimeo has a steep price tag when marketers add all the features they need. 

  • Over 43% of users feel Vimeo lived up to their sales and marketing promise. 


Vimeo starts with a limited free plan. Paid tiers start at $20 per month.

6. Typeframes

Typeframes home page

Need to create a video for an announcement or to promote a feature? Typeframes is an effective AI text-based video generator. Users can add text and, in seconds, they have a text-based video presentation to share. 

The platform is excellent for quick news, announcements, feature highlights, and text communication for social media. 

While Typeframes is a handy platform in a marketer’s toolbelt, it can’t provide all video editing and marketing needs.


  • Text-to-video: Type in a message and the app automatically generates a video.

  • User-friendly interface: There’s no learning curve with the platform's intuitive design and experience.


  • Create a dynamic product marketing video in seconds.

  • Leverage AI and prompts to further develop videos.


  • The tool doesn’t have many other use cases.

  • The platform cost can add up if marketing teams don’t use the subscription on a day-to-day or routine basis. 


Typeframes is $39 per month for the Hobby package. 

7. Filmora 

Filmora homepage
Filmora-Wondershare page

Filmora is a popular recording and editing tool, especially known for its motion tracking feature. Teams can add special effects to an object that's moving for a creative video experience. 

The platform allows teams to share their screen and communicate their product’s value. AI editing features accelerate the production process, so brands can quickly get their videos to market.

While Filmora is a popular tool with unique, creative features, it does have a notably low TrustPilot rating, only 2.8 out of 5 stars. This negative perception is due in part to its subscription billing and customer support.


  • Motion tracking: Add special effects to moving objects.

  • Screen recording: Present product demos with screen recording features.

  • Video editing: Advanced editing features help teams produce effective, engaging content.


  • Unleash creativity with motion tracking.

  • Screen record to present products and campaigns.

  • Edit efficiently with user-friendly features.


  • The platform struggles with customer satisfaction. 

  • Filmora has a poor customer support record.


The Cross-Platform annual plan is $42.49.

8. Hippo Video

Hippo Video home page
Hippo Video home page

Hippo Video is a video marketing software that uses AI technologies to help teams create videos with analytics. The tool provides everything companies need to record, including templates. But the AI avatars make this app unique. 

Teams can choose a preset avatar to present the video content. The avatar can then communicate a product, interact with customers, and follow presentation scripts.

While the app has useful features, one common complaint is poor customer support. This could be a challenge for growing teams wanting to scale their video marketing strategy, especially if they hit a snag and need assistance.


  • Templates: Create marketing videos with ready-to-go templates.

  • Avatars: Use AI presenters instead of a person to communicate your message.

  • Voices: Choose different voices or clone a real voice for your presentations.

  • Languages: The app provides almost 150 different languages.


  • Leverage the latest AI technologies to create videos.

  • Analytics help you measure marketing video effectiveness.

  • Get an avatar to present instead of a human.


  • The platform has a record of difficult customer support. 

  • The learning curve can be difficult. 


The Pro plan starts at $20 per month and the Teams plan is $60 per month. Both plans are billed annually. 

9. StreamYard

StreamYard home page

StreamYard is a livestreaming marketing platform that teams can use in their browser. Brands can stream straight to Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms to communicate live with their audience in various channels.

The platform specializes in marketing content for shows like podcasts, interviews, and webinars. Users can record podcasts live so that while audiences see the live video, they can distribute it afterward. 

While the app has great features, common frustrations are subscription handling, quality issues, and connection trouble.


  • Live stream: Show value to audiences and engage with them in the moment on live streams.

  • Publish on social media: Distribute your videos across multiple platforms.

  • Record shows: Speak with experts and build authority for your marketing outreach.


  • Viewers can watch live marketing videos right in their browser. 

  • Live videos can be shared on social media with in-app features.


  • The subscription and billing process can be frustrating.

  • The quality of the app is sometimes an issue for users.


The basic plan starts at $20 per month, billed annually.

10. VidGrid

VidGrid home page

VidGrid is a marketing platform that allows larger teams to record their webcam, meet with others, and host videos. The video marketing platform can also collect comments and suggestions from viewers.

VidGrid provides a robust set of features so that teams can use it as a complete video solution. It includes a dashboard, video hosting platform, advanced analytics, in-app chat support, and a success manager. 


  • Unlimited recording: Record as many videos as your team needs.

  • Editor: Produce and publish the perfect videos with solid editing tools.

  • Video analytics: See who is watching your videos and gather essential data for an effective marketing strategy.


  • Midsize to large teams can record many videos with collaborative and analytical features.

  • Teams can interact and engage with viewers.


  • The pricing model may be too high for small businesses. 

  • Some users complain about the onboarding process and a steep learning curve.


While business plans start at $1,000 per month, much of the website points to custom pricing. 

11. Social media platforms

Don’t overlook YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and many similar platforms that offer great video marketing recording and distribution channels.

When you add Loom’s video recording platform, you can create high-quality, low-production-cost videos and send them to the world—wherever your target audience lives.

Find out where your customers hang out and meet them on that platform.


  • Access to billions of people: Reach target audiences no matter where they are around the world.

  • Built-in analytics: Benefit from data within each platform.

  • Algorithmic promotion: Get traction and more views when platforms push your marketing content.

  • Paid ads: Promote your content with targeted advertisements.

  • Video hosting platforms: Store videos in different social media libraries.


  • Grow brand reach in apps that customers frequent.

  • Build and nurture relationships across different platforms for a solid digital presence. 

  • Study analytics and popular trends throughout different social media communities.


  • Brands depend on algorithms, which can perform poorly during app updates and policy changes.

  • It can be difficult to manage marketing videos across too many different platforms.

  • Most social media platforms are for distribution, which does not help with editing, collaboration, and other video marketing essentials. 


Most platforms start free, with the option to upgrade to business plans for more advanced tools,  like analytics.

Getting started: Tips for implementing a video marketing platform

The right video marketing solution should provide all the necessary features teams need on a budget that fits their company.

Once leaders choose the right tool, it’s crucial to implement a strategy:

  1. Show the way: Start using the video app to communicate with the marketing team internally. They can experience the value of better communication. 

  2. Invite team members to try it out: Build projects and specific use cases for team members to get to know the tool.

  3. Create your first video marketing campaign: Put the video marketing tool to use and get all hands on deck.

  4. Make it part of your video marketing strategy: Once everyone knows how to use the video marketing platform and feels comfortable, implement it throughout your production calendar. Iterate while tracking results.

Maximizing ROI with strategic video marketing

Once you’ve chosen a video marketing platform and published content, you should measure the results of your campaign. A few platforms on this list include analytics to help teams measure video viewership and results.

Marketing teams can review a number of metrics, including:

  • Views

  • Impressions

  • Click-through rates

  • Likes, comments, and shares

  • Lead generation 

  • And more

The key is to track metrics that help you reach your unique goals for a product or video marketing content. Use this performance data to build better and more effective strategies.

As brands market to audience members through personalized, asynchronous videos, they can save time, communicate better, and increase brand reach—all at a scalable and affordable price.

Elevate your marketing strategy with Loom

Loom best video marketing platform gif

If you need an affordable, intuitive video marketing tool, Loom is the premier choice. The platform helps you produce high-quality marketing videos quickly and affordably, with just a click of a button.

With Loom, you can record yourself and your screen to deliver a presentation or showcase your product in real time. Customers experience an authentic, personalized value proposition as you tell your brand story.

The app removes your filler words and makes it easy to edit mid-recording with Live Rewind. Plus, Loom’s AI add-on saves you even more time with automatically-generated summaries, CTAs, titles, and more.

The best part? Loom starts completely free.


Apr 30, 2024

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